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Youth, ICT And the Future of Work

  • Kenya national digital masterplan [2022-2032]
    Just as road expansion and construction aims at enhancing transport, easing congestion and opening up remote areas for habitation and investment, ICT infrastructure enhances connectivity and drives our country more towards equitable distribution of […]

Affordable Housing

  • Monolithic construction
    As Kenya races to house a growing population, the most efficient building technology delivered at the least cost will be the key to development. In the market today, there are several extant and unfolding technologies that have worked well in […]


  • Agro-processing: Warehousing and Cold-chain Sites
    Around 14 per cent of produce world- wide is lost after harvest on farms and at the transport, storage, processing and wholesale stages, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This amounts to more than US$ 400 billion a year. FAO […]

Towards Food Security

  • Laws for agribusiness aid farmers and consumers
    Legislation drawn up and passed to regulate agriculture in Kenya guides the conducted of business in the livestock and crop sub-sectors while ensuring that farmers and consumers are safe. Seed and Plant Varieties Act This key law is aimed at […]

Universal Health Coverage

  • Fees in primary healthcare facilities
    Elimination of user fees in primary healthcare facilities is one of the key policy considerations to address the critical issue of equity access to healthcare by the poor and vulnerable groups. According to Maina and Kirigia (2015), user fees […]


  • A very German humbling
    Bernd Holzenbein may have scored the fastest international goal on Kenyan soil with his 15thsecond strike after kick-off when Eintracht Frankfurt beat Kenya4-1 at the Nairobi City Stadium on June 16, 1971, but it is his provider, Jürgen Grabowski, […]

Journey Of Women Trailblazers

  • Pamella Makotsi-Sittoni
    Pamella Makotsi-Sittoni is the immediate former managing editor of The East African, one of the newspapers published by the Nation Media Group (NMG). She was recently promoted to the position of executive editor of Daily Nation in January 2019. She […]
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