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Youth, ICT And the Future of Work

  • Kenya national digital masterplan [2022-2032]
    Just as road expansion and construction aims at enhancing transport, easing congestion and opening up remote areas for habitation and investment, ICT infrastructure enhances connectivity and drives our country more towards equitable distribution of […]

Affordable Housing

  • Fabric roofing technology
    Fabric roofing has been around for a while, with new technologies making it better and more acceptable as an alternative to iron sheets and concrete. It is also immune to rot and decay. Materials like fiberglass cloths T272 Stitch-bonded Polyester […]


  • Local consumer and light electronics assembly
    Kenya is at the forefront of technological innovations in the region and is often referred to as Africa’s ‘Silicon Savannah’. The government has invested heavily in ICT, which is a key contributor to the country’s GDP. The ICT sector remained […]

Towards Food Security

  • Sudan grass boosts supply of livestock fodder in arid zones
    Pastoralists in faraway Mandera County in the north-east of the country have never been happier. Tales of drought, starvation and official neglect are gradually giving way to prosperity. And believe it or not, what is changing the fortunes of the […]

Universal Health Coverage

  • UHC and the concept of social health insurance
    It is important to note that there is no Free Health Care (FHC) in the universe. If one accesses health services free, someone else somewhere is paying for it, or must pay for it in the future. The government has been providing funding in-kind for […]


  • How brewers broke Gor, Leopards hegemony
    One evening in 1980, a friend and I drove to the Kenya Breweries Tusker Village at Ruaraka to meet friends and gossip football over a beer as we watched the players training. The previous day, Breweries had beaten AFC Leopards in a tough league […]

Journey Of Women Trailblazers

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