Women Trailblazers

The idea for this landmark coffee table book was mooted following the realisation that there was a glaring gap when it came to capturing the achievements of Kenyan women trailblazers on
one platform. There have been several successful attempts in the past to celebrate women – more often singly rather than collectively – in the business arena, in academia, human rights, sports and so on, but never has there been a publication that has sought to include as many pioneers and achievers
as possible at the same time. Given the peculiar nature of book publishing, this initiative is truly a laudable feat.
So why go for a hard copy publication in a time when people are increasingly turning to the internet for information? Well, the most important consideration in opting for
the rigorous process of publishing an actual book is credibility. With the advent of the phenomenon now widely known as “fake news”, and the fact that online information
spreads faster than it can be verified (often with unfortunate effects), the publisher felt it would be more prudent to
compile material from actual interviews with the various subjects or, in the event that they were not available, to collect material from credible records. This then meant that the
publisher had to work with a handpicked team of reliable planners, editors, writers and designers that were also accountable for every word written as the book slowly became
a reality. While it may be easy for unscrupulous individuals

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