Why grain-rich diet isn’t that great for your cows

Listen High-yielding animals require a lot of energy to sustain their bodies and produce at the desired level. Many farmers, resort to providing carbohydrate-rich feeds, especially maize, barley, wheat, and oats. In appropriate quantities, grains enhance production. However, too much can be harmful to livestock. Laminitis Feeding animals on a diet rich in highly-fermentable carbohydrates […]

Wangechi Mutu

Listen Wagechi Mutu is a hugely accomplished contemporary artist and sculptor whose work is internationally recognised. Her brand of art is usually classified under Afrofuturism, basically a blend of science fiction to portray imaginative realities for people of African descent. Born in Nairobi in 1972, she currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where […]

Rosemary Karuga

Listen Rosemary Karuga is an artist who specialises in making collages, which are so intricate they are often mistaken for paintings. Her work has been featured both at home and in the UK, Ireland and at various exhibitions, including the International Francophone Festival in France and the First International Show by Six African Artists in […]