Interlocking technology

Listen As Kenya’s population grows, the Government and other stakeholders have emphasised on efficiency and speed in putting up affordable houses to fulfill the constitutional stipulation of the right to shelter. Owing to the appropriateness of interlocking technology and its sustainability in use of local materials, the Government, through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing […]

Fabric roofing technology

Listen Fabric roofing has been around for a while, with new technologies making it better and more acceptable as an alternative to iron sheets and concrete. It is also immune to rot and decay. Materials like fiberglass cloths T272 Stitch-bonded Polyester (Tietex type), woven roofing fabrics, mat roofing fabrics, asphalt coated fabrics and resin coated […]

Strong, affordable and beautiful homes are down-to-earth!

Listen Rammed-earth technology offers a promising solution to Kenya’s housing hunger Kenya’s growing population continues to increase the demand for housing, as young people flock to urban centres in search of jobs. The National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation’s (NACOSTI) National Research Priorities 2018-2020 indicates that the urban population stands at 12 million people, […]

Panel technology could flatten housing curve

Listen Panel technology is an invention which, when applied in construction, involves use of structural insulated and timber frame, lightweight steel frame panels and prefabricated concrete blocks. Necessity is the mother of invention, so goes the saying. It thus follows that sustainable and affordable building technologies must be part and parcel of the planned provision […]

Monolithic construction

Listen As Kenya races to house a growing population, the most efficient building technology delivered at the least cost will be the key to development. In the market today, there are several extant and unfolding technologies that have worked well in economies that sought to deliver durable mass and affordable housing, especially apartments, at the […]

Introduction to Towards Food Security 2020 Publication

Listen Although less than eight per cent of land in Kenya is under cultivation, agriculture remains the country’s most important economic activity. Only about 20 percent of Kenya’s land is suitable for farming, of which just 12 percent is classified as high potential (adequate rainfall) agricultural land and eight percent as having medium potential. The […]