Dorothy Ghettuba

Dorothy Ghettuba is passionate about television and is the founder and CEO of Spielworks Media, a digital media production company that has produced shows such as Lies that Bind, Saints, Higher Learning and Block D.

Spielworks has also produced civic education shows such as Know Your Constitution.

Before she registered Spielworks locally in 2009, Ghettuba worked within the finance department at a venture capitalist firm in Canada.

She has also worked as an actor, singer and writer in the film and television industry. She studied Communication and Political Science at Andrews University in the US.

She has braved many great odds and learned many lessons since the inception of Spielworks, and remains determined to succeed in TV, an industry that has barely taken off properly in Kenya and one that is still beset by many challenges.

For her notable contribution to the industry, Ghettuba was listed among C. Hub magazine’s 100 most influential creative personalities in 2016.

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