Sophie Githinji

Sophie Githinji is an author and a post-doctoral researcher in malaria management at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme.

She recently completed a project involving the use of mobile phone text messages to report stocks of anti-malarial commodities and malaria surveillance data. She is currently involved in a trial using text messages to remind caregivers to administer anti-malarial drugs correctly, and for malaria surveillance in Kenya. Githinji  is taking the lead in the formative phase of this research, including developing and testing of the intervention, and is working towards improving routine health facility surveillance data collection, and using the data to make decisions. She has also carried out research on malaria that has drawn connections between behavioural, socio-economic and micro-ecological factors in malaria control, hence enabling her to study and analyse the use and quality of mosquito nets used in households. Githinji  possesses valuable experience in protocol development, planning and management of field data collection. She also has skills and experience in analysing both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as writing scientific publications.

She spends her days mapping ways to ensure future generations have a safe world to live in.

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