IR Spectroscopy: A cheaper, faster way to test your soil

Listen Infra-Red (IR) spectroscopy is routinely used to analyse soil samples and determine their suitability for different crops. BLGG Kenya Ltd was established as an IR-spectroscopy laboratory in October 2011 and features the latest technology in soil and compost analysis. The company, which is a branch of the BLGG group that has agricultural laboratories all […]

Simple Irrigation technology helping farmers grow more

Listen Cheaper manual technologies are making it possible to grow fruits and vegetables in places previously seen as unsuitable for these farmers, who must only operate in months when rain is available. This pattern compromises food security for their families and livestock. “Availability of food, especially vegetables, is a challenge from December to March and […]

Biotechnology handy in pest control and stock upgrades

Listen Advances in biotechnology are giving farmers safer and better options for eliminating pests leading to higher yields. Have you been experiencing a consistent reduction in yields, despite dutifully preparing your land, using high quality seed, fertilisers and pesticides? Your crops wilt and yellow, have rotting roots and stunted growth, yet you have no idea […]

Harnessing greenhouse tech

Listen   For many years, prospective fish farmers in Nyandarua County have been grappling with breeding warm-water fish species faster in the cold region on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. On average, such warm-water fish require temperatures of between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius to breed and grow faster to earn farmers’ profits. […]