Nothing says welcome better than a cup of Kenyan coffee!

Listen Kenya’s Colombia Mild is valued for its balance, and complex but powerful wine-toned acidity wrapped in sweet berry-toned fruitiness. Kenya’s coffee industry is very popular, especially for its strong aroma, cooperative milling system and auctioneering. Kenya is rated 21st among the world’s best coffee producers. Coffee exports account for about five percent of all […]

The role of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) in providing infrastructure and service support to UHC

Listen Ministry of Health The Ministry of Health is charged with formulation and implementation of health policy, sanitation policy, preventive and promotive health services, HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) programmes, treatment and management, health education, family planning, food and food handling, and health inspections. Its vision is to have ‘a healthy, productive and globally […]

Challenges in provision of UHC

Listen Provision of UHC is part of the Kenya’s efforts to attain the highest standard of the desired status of health. It aims at ensuring all Kenyans quality, promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitation health services without suffering financial hardship. UHC lowers the healthcare cost in the economy; forces doctors to offer the same standards of […]

Infrastructure for delivery of UHC

Listen Health infrastructure is critically important in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). According to the Ministry of Health, health infrastructure is defined as ‘all the physical infrastructure, inpatient beds, equipment, transport and technology (including ICT) required for effective delivery of services at the National Government and County Government level.’ The World Health Organisation (WHO) on […]

UHC piloting in four counties: Results, experiences, achievements and Afya cards

Listen Nyeri County It registered 716,947 people under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC), the government initiative aimed at providing improved and cost-effective healthcare. Through a concerted and collaborative approach, the county has ensured that 349,901 households, with 86.2 percent of its population, are under the programme. According to the Nyeri County Executive Committee Member for […]

Gaps in UHC

Listen Healthcare financing gaps: Financing gaps exist in the provision of UHC in Kenya. Apart from the government coming up with innovative ways to increase the national health budget, it can also tap into other sources of funding to bridge these gaps. The government can introduce specials taxes such are Sin Tax (on alcohol and […]