Non-Communicable Diseases threaten achievement of Universal Health Coverage

Listen In the past couple of years, Kenya has seen a U-turn – from people suffering and losing life to communicable diseases to an increase in non-communicable diseases. Dubbed lifestyle diseases and stereotypically seen as ailments of the poor and the old, NCDs include diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular  (including heart diseases and stroke) and respiratory infections. […]

Community Health Workers, the key to achieving Universal Health Coverage

Listen In rural areas and informal settlements – mainly slums in cities and towns – people hardly seek health services. There are myriad reasons for this, including long distances to health centres, indifference to health-seeking behaviour and cost factors. But most of these places are served by community members known as Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), […]

Role of practical and efficient sanitation in underpinning proper hygiene

Listen Shortly after President Kenyatta announced his Big Four Agenda, with an emphasis on UHC, many people were unsure about it. Some thought UHC meant free medical services regardless of one’s background, status, education or place of residence. Others thought it meant every Kenyan must be insured, while others interpreted UHC to mean well-equipped hospitals, […]

Family planning and maternal health for the attainment of Universal Health Coverage

Listen “How do we ensure that Universal Health Coverage is possible in Kenya by 2022? The answer is simple,” so wrote Dr Werner Schultink, the Unicef Representative to Kenya, Dr Rudi Eggers, WHO Representative to Kenya, and Mr Siddharth Chatterjee, the UN Resident Coordinator to Kenya. “The focus has to be on preventable and primary healthcare […]

Primary health care for the attainment of Universal Health Coverage: The Kenyan context

Listen As already seen, Kenya is a signatory to the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978 and several others, including the Bamako Initiative of 1988, and the Millennium Development Goals of 2000, and now the SDGs and the Astana Declaration. It is in 2005 that Kenya moved from a concentration on the disease burden to the promotion […]

KEMSA in a devolved healthcare system – ongoing legal reforms

Listen The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority went through tough times between 2000 through to 2008. The Kenya Medical Supplies Agency was established through Legal Notice No. 20 of 2000 with the hope of curing the challenges that its predecessor, the Medical Supplies Coordination Unit (MSCU), faced. However, the Agency was unable to fully deliver on […]

Role of KEMSA in UHC

Listen The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is a State corporation established through the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority Act No. 20 of 2013, leading to a change of name from an Agency to an Authority. The Authority’s functions, as outlined in the KEMSA Act that established it, are as follows: Procure, warehouse and distribute drugs […]

Paula Kahumbu – One angry voice for endangered wildlife

Listen Known for being the fearless powerhouse behind the iconic “Hands off our Elephants!” campaign that builds awareness among local leaders and citizens to join hands in the fight against poaching, Paula Kahumbu is one of Kenya’s most influential conservationists. When President Daniel arap Moi set a 12-tonne pile of ivory on fire on Tuesday, […]

Margaret Mwangola

Listen In a quest to liberate as many women as possible from the gruelling task of trekking long distances to fetch water, Margaret Mwangola co-founded the Kenya Water for Health Organisation (KWAHO), bringing clean drinking water closer to homes. She knew that providing clean water would reduce waterborne diseases, and give women more time to […]