Wanjiku Mugane

Listen Wanjiku Mugane is the founder of Fedha Connect Limited. The company is involved in raising capital to support agribusiness, real estate, and oil and gas enterprises, in addition to providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Mugane is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Counselor at Law of New York State. […]

Wangechi Mutu

Listen Wagechi Mutu is a hugely accomplished contemporary artist and sculptor whose work is internationally recognised. Her brand of art is usually classified under Afrofuturism, basically a blend of science fiction to portray imaginative realities for people of African descent. Born in Nairobi in 1972, she currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where […]

Rosemary Karuga

Listen Rosemary Karuga is an artist who specialises in making collages, which are so intricate they are often mistaken for paintings. Her work has been featured both at home and in the UK, Ireland and at various exhibitions, including the International Francophone Festival in France and the First International Show by Six African Artists in […]

Makena Mwiraria – Keeping Africa’s heritage alive through art

Listen Makena Mwiraria abandoned a lucrative career in pharmacy to venture into the arts. Her African Heritage Design Company (AHDC) – now trading as ARI Africa Limited has been instrumental in raising the profile of African crafts from mere souvenir trinkets to objects of art with world-class appeal. Born in Meru in the 1960s, Makena […]

Magdalene Odundo

Listen Magdalene Odundo is an accomplished artist, specialising in crafting handmade ceramics. She draws inspiration from countries like China and Mexico and also from the Ancient Greeks and Romans. She is a Professor of Ceramics at the University for the Creative Arts (formerly Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College) in Farnham, England, and […]

Joy Mboya – Architect turned musician impacting the Kenyan art scene

Listen Joy Mboya is the Executive Director of GoDown Arts Centre. She was a member of the band Musikly Speaking, remembered for Jamriambo, the hit song that raised the profile of Kenyan music in the early 1990s. A trained architect, she continues to influence the art scene through research, study and training. An encounter with […]

Koki Mutungi

Listen Koki Mutungi was the first female pilot to fly with Kenya Airways in 1993. And in 2014, she went down in history as the first woman in Africa to receive a Captain of the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ certification. Mutungi developed a passion for flying from as early as age five, watching her father  a […]