Ruth Nduati – Breastfeeding advocate for HIV-positive mothers

Listen What seemed like a case of incurable childhood eczema and an encounter with a kind doctor stirred up young and impressionable girl’s desire to become a doctor. Many years and numerous hurdles later, Professor Ruth Wanjiru Nduati is credited for the groundbreaking research that allows HIV-positive mothers to safely breastfeed their children. When Professor […]

Miriam Were – Retired champion of public health is far from tired

Listen What started as a childhood passion — ensuring basic hygiene was observed —gradually evolved into a life-long career. From her days as a high school teacher tovher stint at the United Nations, Professor Miriam Were has been at the forefront of thevwar against preventable diseases, despite its less than glamorous status in medical circles. […]

Kalimi Mworia – Educationist cum-diplomat whose forte is family planning

Listen The best way to describe the career and life of the passionate educationist, seasoned diplomat and talented leader that is Kalimi Mworia is in one all-encompassing word: multifaceted. Someone who likes her tea brewed exactly according to the instructions on the packet – steeped in hot water for four minutes and not drowned in […]

Amina Mohamed

Listen With close to three decades of experience as a diplomat under her belt, it is difficult to hear the name Amina Mohamed and not have “Foreign Affairs” spring automatically to mind. Having most recently served as Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary between April 2013 and January 2018, Ambassador Amina Mohamed and Kenya’s foreign relations docket […]

Judith Mbula Bahemuka

Listen Judith Mbula Bahemuka is a professor at the University of Nairobi as well as a sociologist with a specialisation in rural development. The focus of her work has been poverty reduction through the utilisation of farming systems to provide sustainable livelihoods for rural families. She has also gained recognition for her contribution to knowledge […]

Wambui Otieno – Rebel who redefined the gender relations debate

Listen   Freedom fighter, author, women’s activist and politician are a few of the attributes that describe Wambui Otieno. The multi-faceted trailblazer’s life took a path that saw her tackle issues that were considered taboo, such as inter-tribal marriage and matrimonial property rights to name a few. It is those very public, controversial and even […]