Monolithic construction

Listen As Kenya races to house a growing population, the most efficient building technology delivered at the least cost will be the key to development. In the market today, there are several extant and unfolding technologies that have worked well in economies that sought to deliver durable mass and affordable housing, especially apartments, at the […]

State bets on versatile bamboo to meet affordable housing goals

Listen Under the Big Four blueprint, the Government wants to provide at least 500,000 affordable housing units by 2022. It is beautiful and sustainable. It is an energy saver, has zero emissions and is environmentally friendly. Its potential in architecture is immense. With its abundance, fast growth, hardy nature and resistance to water and bending, […]

Now biogas sheds the light: To waste is to want

Listen Biogas is an environmentally conscious renewable source, produced through anaerobic digestion, rather than via geological processes. Environmentally friendly: Bio-digester technology is environmentally friendly, maintenance free and efficient and does not depend on conventional energy sources. The effluent is odorless and gets rid-off most of the pathogens. Components of bio-digesters: The bio-digester technology has two […]