Sophie Mukwana

Listen Sophie Mukwana is the founder and director of the first private forensic lab in East Africa — Biotech Forensics Ltd. The company’s clients are drawn from Kenya and regionally from Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi and as far as Côte d’Ivoire. Her firm primarily conducts DNA analysis on plant, animal and human samples to create data […]

Emma Mbua

Listen Emma Mbua was the first Kenyan female paleoanthropologist . She was also the first woman to head the National Museum of Kenya’s Paleoanthropology Section, Department of Earth Sciences (Human Evolution and Paleoenvironments) where she also worked as Principal Research Scientist. After 35 years of service, Mbua left the position but continues to serve as […]

Florence Wambugu

Listen Florence Wambugu is a Plant Pathologist known for championing the importance of biotechnology in securing a future devoid of starvation and poverty for Africa. She is the Founder Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International (AHBFI) known as Africa Harvest, which aims to improve food security and the welfare […]

Mary Abukutsa Onyango

Listen As a pioneer researcher in indigenous African vegetables, Mary Abukutsa Onyango has changed the position of these vegetables from a poor man’s crop to a highly sought after food that can be found in supermarkets today. Onyango, who grew up vegetarian as a result of allergies to animal protein, was motivated to choose agriculture […]

Sophie Githinji

Listen Sophie Githinji is an author and a post-doctoral researcher in malaria management at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme. She recently completed a project involving the use of mobile phone text messages to report stocks of anti-malarial commodities and malaria surveillance data. She is currently involved in a trial using text messages to remind caregivers to […]

Judi Wakhungu

Listen Growing up, Professor Judi Wakhungu always knew she wanted two things — to be a ‘boss’ and that she loved science. In 2013, she was appointed to one of the most important offices in Kenya, serving as the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water, and Natural Resources. Today, she is Kenya’s Ambassador to France. Before […]