Wairimu Nyoike

Listen Wairimu Nyoike is a pioneer of many first in Kenya’s nursing industry. She is the first African (Black) registered nurse in Kenya, and also the first African matron of Kenyatta National Hospital. She also helped numerous nurses excel in their careers and was instrumental in setting up training programmes in the field. Nyoike helped […]

Ruth Oniang’o – Food and nutrition veteran whose heart is in rural outreach

Listen Credited for her contribution to improving food and nutrition in communities, Honourable Professor Ruth Khasaya Oniang’o was the first nutrition professor in Kenya and the first female nutrition professor in sub-Saharan Africa. Professor Ruth Oniang’o learnt the values of discipline and quality education from her parents. This translated into her winning a scholarship for […]

Ruth Nduati – Breastfeeding advocate for HIV-positive mothers

Listen What seemed like a case of incurable childhood eczema and an encounter with a kind doctor stirred up young and impressionable girl’s desire to become a doctor. Many years and numerous hurdles later, Professor Ruth Wanjiru Nduati is credited for the groundbreaking research that allows HIV-positive mothers to safely breastfeed their children. When Professor […]

Miriam Were – Retired champion of public health is far from tired

Listen What started as a childhood passion — ensuring basic hygiene was observed —gradually evolved into a life-long career. From her days as a high school teacher tovher stint at the United Nations, Professor Miriam Were has been at the forefront of thevwar against preventable diseases, despite its less than glamorous status in medical circles. […]

Betty Gikonyo – Top cardiologist with a heart for needy children

Listen Hailed as one of the foremost medical practitioners of our time, Betty Gikonyo’s story is a picture of determination and courage. She teamed up with colleagues to perform the first open-heart surgery in Kenya, creating hope for thousands of children, whose chances of survival were previously slim. Betty Gikonyo and her husband are the brains behind the Karen […]