Wambui Otieno – Rebel who redefined the gender relations debate

Listen   Freedom fighter, author, women’s activist and politician are a few of the attributes that describe Wambui Otieno. The multi-faceted trailblazer’s life took a path that saw her tackle issues that were considered taboo, such as inter-tribal marriage and matrimonial property rights to name a few. It is those very public, controversial and even […]

Mekatilili wa Menza – Matriarch of Kenya’s liberation war

Listen   Mekatilili wa Menza is considered the first female freedom fighter in Kenya and East Africa. She boldly fought against British colonisers whose presence and influence in Kenya’s coast eroded the Giriama culture. She fought to restore the traditional Giriama governance system, travelling the region, as she used her oratory skills, to convince locals […]