Turn your urban space into a farm using these techniques

Listen An agricultural revolution is taking place in Kenya’s towns with mini-farms sprouting in the most unlikely of spaces. From buckets to plastic containers, sacks, and pots, the little farms are sprouting everywhere. In some instances, no soil is needed. The urban farming movement is especially spreading fast in Nairobi and central Kenya. Hydroponic technology […]

Where money grows on trees

Listen Humphrey Njoroge, a retired military officer, fell in love with trees while growing up in Nyandarua County on the edge of the Aberdare Forest in the 1950s. His  fascination with the plants would blossom during his time at Kapsabet Boys and Kagumo high schools where different types of trees, labelled by botanical names, rose […]

You harvest what you plant

Listen Farmers have been advised to buy seeds from licensed stockists or agrovet stores to avoid losses. Speaking during a farmers’ exhibition at Sigot in Nandi County, agricultural experts told farmers to avoid buying seeds that have been divided into smaller rations.  “What you produce depends on what you plant. I am also urging you […]