Key agricultural institutions

Listen For increased agricultural production, the government has set up various parastatals and other agencies that offer services such as research, finance and marketing. The sector’s success depends on how these institutions deliver on their mandate. These institutions include: Agriculture and Food Authority The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) brings together various regulatory institutions in […]

Organic food demand boosts market for ‘kienyeji’ chicken

Listen Kuku Farm is a 15-minute drive from Naivasha town and is a leading hatchery for indigenous chicken in Nakuru County. n an area best known for flower farming, this state-of-the-art chicken hatchery comes as a pleasant surprise. Located on a seven-acre farm in the Karati area is a multimillion-shilling poultry investment by veterinarian Tony […]

Why grain-rich diet isn’t that great for your cows

Listen High-yielding animals require a lot of energy to sustain their bodies and produce at the desired level. Many farmers, resort to providing carbohydrate-rich feeds, especially maize, barley, wheat, and oats. In appropriate quantities, grains enhance production. However, too much can be harmful to livestock. Laminitis Feeding animals on a diet rich in highly-fermentable carbohydrates […]